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Our History

The Story Behind The Clifton NW8

The origins of The Clifton date back to around 1846, where it stood in the same location as it does now on Clifton Hill, known by a different name at the time.

As far as we know, The Clifton was always a public house, which likely benefitted from the development of the area in the 1850s, when many of the larger homes and villas were built.

We know The Clifton was a popular and bustling local. It’s reported that Edward VII used to frequent the pub with his mistresses, most famously the actress Lillie Langtry. It’s said he even the name rebranded to The Clifton Hotel, as members of the royal family weren’t allowed to visit public houses at the time. You’ll still find references to King Bertie throughout the pub today.

In 2013, the pub went up for sale, and the plan was to turn it into a mansion. Thousands of people in the St John’s Wood area signed a petition, asking the council to maintain the building and its historic significance as a pub.

We saw the opportunity to bring The Clifton back to life and the rest, as they say, is history!