March: a month of food

March is one of our favourite months of the year at Loci Pubs – we’re heading slowly into Spring and waving goodbye to the cold of winter, plus March is simply loaded with fantastic food celebrations. Join us at The Clifton for these upcoming foodie occasions, or take a little inspiration for your own events at home.

British Pie Week

We launched into March with British Pie Week, a celebration of great British eats. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on one of our limited edition venison pies – we envy you! They absolutely flew out of the kitchen. Not to worry though – our house classic chicken and leek pie is still very much available, and becoming a firm favourite on the menu at The Clifton.  If you’re thinking about tackling your own pie making at home, here are a few top tips from our expert chefs:

– Always let your dough chill, but don’t try to shape it straight from the fridge. Ice cold dough will crack when you try to roll it.

– Don’t handle your pastry too much. Overworked dough can result in tough pastry, plus the heat from your hands will soften the dough and make it harder to roll and shape.

– Manage your filling. A super wet filling will cause the pastry to become soggy, but you also don’t want your pie to be dry. A good tip is to use roux-based sauces inside your pie, and gravy as an extra topping!

National Butcher’s Week

Running from 9th to 15th March, these are seven days dedicated to the craft of butchery, and the many amazing butchers left in the UK. Sadly, local butchers seem to be disappearing from our streets, which is why we’re proud to continue supporting a family-run business in the form of HG Walter. They rear, source and butcher all the truly amazing meat we use across the business – we wrote about them a little while ago, check it out!

A few of our favourite regular cuts include the lamb we buy, which comes from Launceston in Cornwall. We’re currently serving it in our classic Welsh cawl, a warming soup with hearty vegetables, tender lamb and vintage Cheddar, served with homemade bread for dunking.

We’re also always hitting up the HG Walter team for the best possible steaks, cut from British beef and aged in their Himalayan salt room for a minimum of 30 days. We always have an amazing steak on our menu, whether it’s rib-eye or sirloin. Make sure you ask us about our tomahawk steaks for two next time you’re in as well – we often have some secret dishes ready to go for those in the know.

International Waffle Day

Although no excuse is ever needed for waffles, it turns out there is a whole day dedicated to them coming up on 25th March. If you’ve been a Clifton customer for a while, you’ll remember this fan favourite from our old brunch menu – sourdough waffles with crispy bacon, fried eggs and maple syrup.

If you shout loud enough, we might consider bringing this back, just in time to round off a month of great food this month! If you’re keen, head to our Instagram page and drop a comment on any photo!


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