Spotlight on: Alliance Wine

A toast to the summer

Okay, so we know we talked all about wine in our most recent supplier story, but the wonderful thing about running two local pubs is that we have no shortage of incredible people who supply us with the best of the best, and they each have a truly unique story to tell.

About Alliance

We really have a thing for rosé this summer, and our friends at Alliance Wine are the masters of finding the pick of the crop. Alliance started out in Scotland in 1984 and, ever since day one, they’ve been championing something a bit different, unearthing the most individual wine producers from inspirational places. They even do some of their own production, headed up by two master winemakers. It’s a big company but not a mainstream one by any means – Alliance are often approached by smaller winemakers with challenges they’re hoping Alliance can help them solve.

Our favourite rosé

As bigger is always better when it comes to wine, our friend Alex from Alliance is bringing a Double Magnum, otherwise known as a Jeroboam, of organic rosé up to the Duke of Hamilton in July for a summer barbecue like no other. He’s chosen a wine from Domaine Sainte Marie in Provence, a wine estate with its own amazing history.

The land the estate sits on has a certain magic about it – way back in 1884, a terrible Cholera outbreak happened in the region, but stopped spreading once it reached the fields of the Domaine. The villagers built a statue of the Virgin Mary on the land as a thank you, and it’s still there today.

The vineyard itself holds the highest environmental value rating, thanks to the great forest surrounding the vines themselves. The process is as hands off as possible — even the maintenance of the vineyard is mostly provided by sheep wandering through. Harvesting tends to be done at night when the grapes are cool, preserving their naturally beautiful flavour.

The wine Alex is bringing is the Tradition rosé, pale in colour and with hints of white flowers and red berries when you taste it. It’s a perfect wine when paired with salads and grilled fish, so our barbecue is just the right time to enjoy a glass or two, or three.


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